Caring For Your Leather Bag

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Caring For Your Leather Bag

A genuine leather bag is like wine: it gets better with age. It is super exciting to unwrap your brand new leather bag and start pairing it with your favourite outfits...that new bag smell and feel, the crisp canvas lining…if you’re a leather enthusiast, you know exactly what we're talking about. But it’s even more exciting having a bag that you’ve broken into and one that lasts for years. Your leather bag grows with you, softens and molds, bends and rolls, and carries the weight and memories of your weekend errands, nights out, day trips, and travels across the world. Which is why it’s important to give your leather bag the treatment it deserves!

Here are 5 tips & pieces of information that are good to know:

The smell & feel of natural leather:

Genuine leather will give off a strong odour when first unwrapped. This is completely natural and the odour will fade away after some time. Some unevenness, discolouration, and marks on the leather are also normal as it is a natural product. These simply enhance its uniqueness and add to the character of your bag.

“Breaking into” your leather bag:

You will “break into” your bag after some use. New leather feels a bit rigid and tough, but after consistent use it will feel much softer. If you would like to achieve this look and feel more quickly, simply lay your bag out flat and start rolling it from bottom to top. Repeat starting from a different side of the bag until you’ve achieved the look and feel you want.


Goat leather is naturally water-resistant. However if you would like to add an extra layer of protection, you can always use beeswax with some warm water or leather cleaner. If your leather bag does get wet from rain or snow, use a dry cloth to blot the moisture quickly and leave to air-dry. Be careful not to rub the affected areas. Don’t expose your bag to a heat source to dry as the direct heat will damage the leather.

If your bag is fully soaked due to rain or snow, lay it out flat to air-dry. This will help maintain the shape of the bag as it dries. Even better, stuff the bag with a dry cloth to help maintain its shape.

Protecting & conditioning your bag:

If you feel like the leather is starting to get dry or you see initial stages of cracking, there are plenty of natural, DIY, or store bought options which can help. One quick google search can help you find leather protectants at a local shop repair shop or drugstore. Some people prefer the DIY route and choose to use olive or coconut oil. Others recommend natural balm leather lotions free of oils and chemicals. The route you choose is your decision and will be based on the type of leather product you’re handling. Conditioning the leather once or twice a year is usually sufficient, depending on how dry or humid the climate you live in is.

Some TLC:

Your leather bag is an investment, one that will hopefully stay with you for years. Putting some thought into maintaining your bag will definitely extend its life. Small things like immediately wiping away spills (so they don’t leave stains), not placing your leather bag on a wet or dirty floor, and storing it in a dry area will ensure your investment is paying dividends long after purchase!

We hope you enjoy using your leather bag! Comment on this post or reach out through our Contact Us page if you have any questions :) 

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